Love Letter Cupcakes

Here’s an easy fondant tutorial for a Valentine Themed Cupcakes. 

Sometimes, out of nowhere, a song just pops in my head and I would find myself humming along.

Does that happen to you, too? I hope it does, otherwise I just admitted to the whole world that I am weird that way. Well, not the whole world I guess, but just you my friends who are reading this. Glad we’re friends. Love ya.

I don’t know if I have previously heard it somewhere but for me, that song is Sealed with a Kiss originally recorded by The Four Voices way back in the sixties.

01 - Love Letter Cupcakes

And so I thought, since Valentine’s is just around the corner, might as well get the cupcake inspiration from this song that has been stuck in my head. Today we’re making Love Letter Cupcakes, something Cupid would deliver everyone in love.

Want to see how I made it? Happy Valentine’s everyone!!!

02 - Love Letter Cupcakes

Fondant Love Letter Tutorial

  • Fondant in white and red
  • Rolling Pin
  • Fondant Heart Cutter
  • Knife
  • Water and brush to glue things together

04 - Love Letter Cupcakes

  1. Using a knife, cut out small rectangles from the white fondant.
  2. Then cut triangles. The base of the triangle should be the same length as the length of the rectangle.
  3. Cut out hearts from the red fondant.
  4. To assemble, glue the triangle to the edge of the triangle, resembling an envelope.
  5. Glue the fondant heart in the envelope.

05 - Love Letter Cupcakes



  1. says

    hi, good evening.
    I really admire you’re passion for baking,
    hope i can taste it though..hehe

    I just want to ask where do you buy your baking needs,
    i want to buy a glitter dust but i dont know where to buy some.

    Hope u can send me back a message.
    thank u and god bless

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