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Hey everyone! Aikko here! Today is such an exciting day because I’m sharing with you a Yema Cake Recipe. Remember when, over at Facebook, I asked if you want me to feature any recipes or tutorials? The most requested is the recipe for a Yema Cake. Which got me asking, what exactly is a Yema Cake? I honestly haven’t even tasted one (unfortunately) so I asked my friend Rich what kind of a cake it is. He said it’s actually a chiffon with a yema or milk custard filling/frosting.  
01 - Yema Cake Recipe

Which got me excited so I started working on it. Although Rich said a Yema Cake is traditionally a chiffon cake, the rebel in me decided to go another route. The base of this cake is a not to sweet cotton soft Japanese Cheesecake. When I say cotton soft, think clouds. As in clouds on a sunny day – hmmm what kind of a cloud is that?

02 - Yema Cake Recipe

Want to see how the inside of this Yema Cake looks like?

03 - Yema Cake Recipe

That yema icing slowly dripping onto the cake….  I am almost tempted to just stop taking photos grab a fork and enjoy this cake but I love you all so the show must go on :)

04 - Yema Cake Recipe

While I was working on this cake, I had an important realization. I don’t have a proper cheese grater. I just have one that’s really big.

05 - Yema Cake Recipe

Cheese is a very important part of the cake because it tones down the sweetness from the Yema Icing. You know that sweet-salty combination? I love. I hope you do, too.

06 - Yema Cake Recipe

Want to see how I made it? Here you go –

07 - Yema Cake Recipe

So first things first. We start by combining cream cheese, milk and butter in a small pan. As you can see, there is a big blob of unattractive black goo hanging on for dear life onto the cream cheese. Do not despair, these are vanilla beans – totally optional but I am trying to finish the bottle of vanilla extract I made from here so I thought I’d place some vanilla beans here. Sayang naman. I repeat, vanilla beans = optional.

08 - Yema Cake Recipe

Place the small pan on top of a simmering water and let the ingredients melt.

09 - Yema Cake Recipe

Don’t worry of the cream cheese will not completely melt, it’s okay. As long as the butter melted and you can easily mix it, it’s okay to remove from heat.

10 - Yema Cake Recipe

Turn off the heat and bring the mixture to room temp. If this is a teleserye, you can notice I have no sense of continuity. Why is the bowl from the previous photo different from the below? Hehehe, I just transferred it, no explanations really. Just wanted to let you know, after all you and I have no secrets from each other, right?

12 - Yema Cake Recipe

Once cooled down, add in flour, cornstarch, salt. Use an electric mixer to combine them all. You can fold as well if you want.

13 - Yema Cake Recipe

Now, add in the egg yolks then the lemon or calamansi juice last. Doesn’t really matter whether you use lemon or calamansi, just use whatever is on hand. Set aside.

14 - Yema Cake Recipe

Now, on to the egg whites. In a separate bowl, add cream of tartar to the egg whites.

15 - Yema Cake Recipe

Beat on high speed until frothy (or foamy). Once foamy add in vanilla extract.

16 - Yema Cake Recipe

While beating the egg whites on high speed, add sugar gradually. Beat until egg whites are stiff. As in place-your-beaten-egg-whites-over-your-head-and-nothing-falls-off stiff.

To combine egg white and cream cheese mixture, add a dollop of the egg white mixture to the cream cheese and fold.

17 - Yema Cake Recipe

Repeat until all is combined.

18 - Yema Cake Recipe

Pour the batter on an 8-inch pan covered in parchment paper. Make sure to tap the pan twice or thrice to release air bubbles. Bake the cake in a water bath for 1 hour or until done at 325F. Don’t you just love the specs of vanilla beans here and there? [Insert smiley with hearts as eyes here] 

19 - Yema Cake Recipe

While the cake is baking, now it’s time to make the yema filling and icing.

20 - Yema Cake Recipe

In a low heat, combine two cans of condensed milk –

21 - Yema Cake Recipe

Vanilla and almond extracts –

22 - Yema Cake Recipe

and the egg yolks.

23 - Yema Cake Recipe

Cook until it thickens enough to spread. Add in butter. 

24 - Yema Cake Recipe

To assemble, divide the cake in two horizontally – be careful as the cake is a delicate one.

25 - Yema Cake Recipe

Spread the  yema over the cake.

26 - Yema Cake Recipe

Top with the other half of the cake.

27 - Yema Cake Recipe

Now for the fun part! Cover the whole cake with yema.

28 - Yema Cake Recipe

Lastly, top with yummy grated cheese. 29 - Yema Cake Recipe

Now that we’re done, go get yourself a cup of tea (or two) and enjoy a slice of this heavenly Yema Cake.

Enjoy the week ahead everyone!

30 - Yema Cake Recipe

Yema Cake Recipe

Cook Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes

Yield: 1 8-inch cake


  • For the cake:
  • 50 g butter
  • 250 g cream cheese
  • 110 ml milk
  • 1 vanilla pod (optional)
  • 60 g all purpose flour
  • 20 g cornstarch
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 1 tsp calamansi (or lemon) juice
  • 6 egg whites
  • 1/4 tsp cream of tartar
  • 140 g sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • For the filling or icing
  • 2 cans condensed milk
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp almond extract
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1/2 cup grated cheese


  1. In a small pan over simmering water, melt together cream cheese, butter and milk. If you opt to use vanilla beans, scrape the beans from the vanilla pod and add it to the pan. Once melted, cool to room temp. Using a mixer, add in flour, cornstarch, salt. Then add in egg yolks and lastly the lemon juice. Set aside.
  2. In a separate bowl, mix egg whites and cream of tartar until foamy (or frothy). Add in vanilla then gradually add sugar until stiff peaks form. Fold in the egg whites to the cream cheese mixture. Make sure everything is well combined.
  3. Pour batter into an 8-inch round cake pan covered with parchment paper. Bake the cake in a water bath for 1 hour and 10 minutes or until done at 325F.
  4. To make the icing, open two cans of condensed milk and pour it over a pan. Add in egg yolks and cook in low heat. Add in vanilla and almond extract. Cook until it thickens enough to spread. Add in butter.
  5. To assemble the Yema Cake, divide cake into two. Add the filling then cover it with the other half of the cake. Cover the rest of the cake with icing. Top with grated cheese.


Cake adapted from Diana’s Desserts (

31 - Yema Cake Recipe


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    • says

      Hi Krisha,

      Sorry about that, the recipe I adapted it from has no conversions so I based the recipe in grams. There are lots of cooking conversion sites that might help you out.


  1. Lisa F. says

    Hi seriously can’t wait to make this! A couple of questions first does it have a real eggy taste? Also does it matter what type of cheese to use? Thanks!!

    • says

      Hi Lisa,

      It surprisingly doesn’t have an eggy taste :). I used Kraft Eden cheese, I think its better to use cheddar on this one :)


      • Cha says


        Im excited to try this but im just wondering if i can just use one can of condensed milk instead of two because i dont want it to be too sweet. And would it make a difference if i just put straight in the oven instead of doing the water bath?

  2. Krishna says

    Thanks for the info! Already saved it on my to do list along with your brazo de Mercedes , sans rival and pandan cupcakes! Excited to try it soon!

  3. ces says

    i will try this very very very soon,..thanks miss aikko for sharing this yema cake recipe :) and miss aikko ive been using your fondant recipe and my client really loves my marshmallow fondant. thanks a lot for sharing :) God Bless you :)

  4. Florian Perez says

    Hi aikiko just wNt to ask what do you mean bout the water bath for the yema cake? it can steam for the cake or not?tnx

    • says

      Hi Florian, to prepare a water bath, put the 8-inch pan filled with the cake batter in a larger pan and add enough hot water to reach halfway up the side of the smaller pan and bake in the oven :)


  5. cristina ayon says

    thanks for sending me this recipe.I think will do these on my granddaughter’s birthday on 15th. If you don’t mine can you sent me also a recipe of old fruit cake doing every christmas season.

  6. glen says

    Hi! First, i like this cake and im going to try it because i liked the way you presented it.
    but i got confused with the baking part. . . When you say water bath baking, does that mean i need to put a pan of water in the oven separate from pan of mixed ingridients or i should the pan of mixed ingridients be in a pan of water?
    Eyyyyynnnggg. . .does that make sense? Sorry if it doesnt. . .

    • says

      Hi Glen, to prepare a water bath, put the 8-inch pan filled with the cake batter in a larger pan and add enough hot water to reach halfway up the side of the smaller pan and bake in the oven :)


    • says

      Hi Jho,
      maraming pwedeng bilhan ng gamit pang-bake, sa Sweetcraft sa Mandaluyong or Chocolate Lovers sa Cubao or Best Way sa Divisoria :) Good luck!


  7. says

    I am joining this cupcake comp here in the UK and I want to do this cake as a cupcake (also I dont have pans for cakes) and I am so excited to try already! I hope it will work. Baine MArie is a bit hard tho as my oven is small lang. I need to try this a lot to get the right softness of the cake.

    • says

      Good luck, Merlina! I will posting a cupcake recipe version for this also :) I think they would be lovely as dainty little cupcakes :)

      Cheers, Aikko

  8. Steph Gallardo says

    Is it ok not bake it in water bath? Can i substitute vanilla extract for vanilla bean? Thanks for sharing the recipe.. I’ll try it very soon..

  9. joy says

    hello newbie here :) ask ko lang po kung pwede akong gumamit ng white cake recipe as substitute pero same frosting mo po? thank you 😀

  10. juvy zafra says


    I luv yema cake..but don’t u think 2 cans of condensed milk is too sweet? Can I substitute 1 can of evap milk to minimize it’s sweetest?

    thanks and more power!


  11. Maika says

    I made this one too. 😀 MASARAPPPPPPPP!!! ♥ Thank you, thank you for sharing. Nagtatabaan na sa sila bahay kakakain ng mga ginagawa kong recipes mo 😀

  12. Cynthia says

    want to try this. Just finish my baking class.. Excited to try new recipe. Thanks akiko. Want to try san rival too.

  13. Liza Ann says

    Million thanks for sharing this recipe. So love the taste & the texture of the base cake, and the combination taste of the sweet yema & salty cheese. Super yummy

  14. Jennifer Bautista says

    Thanks Ms. Aikko for sharing your recipe. I baked this last night ang it was a success! I’m going to serve this later this afternoon for my husband’s birthday. Now I learned another wonderful cake recipe and will bake this again! More power to you!

  15. says

    That is absolutely beautiful! It’s a show of your talent that you can make a cake so perfectly when you didn’t even know what it was when it was requested!

  16. faith says

    Hi i just wanna ask if I opt for vanilla extract instead of vanilla beans how many tbsps should i put? And is the almond extract optional too? I hate the smell of almond extract eh. :)

  17. marie ann says

    Hi akko! just want you to know where did you bought the parchment paper. i really have trouble in purchasing one. and could you share some oatmeal cookie recipe? everything in this blog is a hit! maybe because you capture the Filipino palette.

    • says

      Hi Marie Ann,
      My parchment paper is Baking Diva, I get it in sweet craft in Mandaluyong :)
      thanks so much, Marie Ann, you’re so sweet!!


    • says

      Hi Piggy,
      I used the eggs from Swift, they’re so yellow they’re bordering on orange. But if you can’t find it, try coloring the icing with food color :)


  18. frissia says

    Hi Ms. Aikko, I cannot wait to try another of your recipe. Btw, how much is 1/4 cup of butter in grams? Should the butter be salted or unsalted? Also, should the 110 ml of milk be evap or fresh?

    Please send me your recipe for fondant.

    Thanks in advance.

    • says

      Hi Frissia!

      1/4 cup butter in grams is 56.75
      butter is unsalted (always)
      milk should be fresh, it won’t be the same if you use evap.


  19. Cheks says

    Hi Aikko! Can I use the cake base for cupcakes? If yes, at what temp and time do I bake the cupcakes? Want to make yema cupcakes for my little boys..they’re excited already. Thanks!

    • says

      Yes you may, Cheks!

      I’m not sure though on how long… try 12-15 minutes or maybe even less. I’ll be making this in cupcake form also so stay tuned!


  20. Leslie Torres says

    Hi Aikko. Your Yema Cake recipe was again a hit in the family. I baked this particular recipe on Sunday for our usual weekend family merienda. Indeed, the cake base is as light as a cloud. What a smooth texture to the tongue. Thank you very much. :)

  21. Christine says

    Hello po! I baked it na po pero cupcakes version. hehehe.. kaya lang yung problema ko, yung yema ko po hindi kasing yellow nang sayo. Saan po nagkamali? :)

    • says

      Hi Christine,
      sa egg yolk yan na gamit mo, misan kasi may mga itlog na pulang pula yung yolk like yung sa Swift. Pero pwede mo naman lagyan ng food coloring if you want


  22. Christine says

    Thanks po! Tapos isa pang na notice ko, sobra siyang malambot, is it normal po? Or kapag cupcakes I have to use the yema cupcake recipe talaga? Kasi when I baked my first cupcake na yema, wala pa ang cupcake recipe mo. :)

  23. chito says

    Before I beat the egg whites, I added the tartar, pero hindi ito nagging frothy. May mali ba sa procedure ko. tnx

  24. chito says

    Before I beat the egg whites, I added the tartar, pero hindi ito naggin
    g frothy. May mali ba sa procedure ko. tnx

  25. Che says

    Thanks Ms Aikko. I tried this yesterday and super sarap! yung chiffon grabe ang lambot and melts in your mouth talaga. Tho yung yema icing ko kase nilagyan ko ng almond extract at masyadong matapang yung lasa, i’ll try this again without almond extract na.

    Thank you so much!

  26. jojo suzuki says

    1. Do we really need to water bath? what is the difference kung i water bath and i derecho sa oven? many minutes to cook the yema frosting?
    Thank you in advance aikko,grba napanaginipan ko pa to kagabi!! i can’t wait to make it myself =)

  27. Racquel says

    Thank you. I will be making this soon. Your directions are easy to follow. I just hope the measurements are in cups instead of grams. But, no worries I’ll look up conversions. QUESTION: 2 cans condensed milk? Para long Medyo matamis? Paano po Kung gusto at Hindi masyado matamis? Thank you for sharing your recipe.

  28. grace says

    Hi po,

    Is it really 60g? kasi if I convert 60g to cups= .254 lang converted 60g to ml= 60ml ang konti ata? I ended up adding a cup of plain flour just to make it a bit thicker…so medyo flat any kalabasan ng cake…

  29. Levyanne says

    Hi Ms. Aiko! Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. I would like to know how long can this cake last under room temperature? since the frosting is made out of egg-milk mixture? many thanks!

  30. Angie says

    Hi, I just came accross your website. So far so good. I am exicted to try your recipes. I like your pictures and instructions. They are very clear and concise. Thanks for sharing your talent. Angie

  31. Rafatine says

    Hi Aikko! First off, God bless your generous soul. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills with everyone who can access your site. There are many cooking and baking sites, but it’s good to find one which speaks your language and understands the everyday Pinoy preferences, sensibility, and idiosyncracies. I have just discovered your site yesterday, and I enjoy reading your easy-to-follow guided recipes.

    Now, on to my question… How do you not burn the yema? What kind of pan did you cook the yema in? Was it the ordinary kawali, non-stick pan, or thick-bottomed saucepan? Which is better to use, a wide-mouthed one, like the kawali, or the small-mouthed, high-walled ones like saucepans? What is the advantage/disadvantage of one over the other? Have you tried making it with a double-boiler?

    As for the chiffon cake, it’s very much like the Japanese chiffon cake (which I first tried from BreadTalk). It’s also baked in a water bath. However, reading through the comments, you said it’s okay to bake the cake even without the bath. Then why go through the trouble? What difference does a water bath make in the cake?

    Sorry to ask too many questions. I just want to lessen the fail factor when I make this one.

    Thank you and keep it comin, Aikko.

    • says

      Hi Rafatine :)
      Thank you so much for spending time reading my blog, I appreciate it very much
      I use an ordinary kawali, nothing fancy, I just used a wooden spoon mixing then always on low heat so you won’t burn it.
      Yes,the base is a Japanese cheesecake to add a layer of flavor to the yema cake, it’s imay not to do the water baty if it’s what is preferd by the baker, it’s just that if you used water tab, the cake is fluffier and moister :)

      Good luck!
      Aikko :)

  32. says

    Hi Aikko, thank you for this recipe. I plan to make this for mother’s birthday in December. May I ask what kind of milk can I use for the cake? Will any milk on a carton suffice (skim, full-cream, etc?).

    Thank you. :)

  33. gi velasco says

    Hi aiko! Finally made this today! you’re right. .the japanese cheesecake sure is delicate. Thank you for the recipe. For those asking for the recipe in “cups” i used… 1/4c butter, 1 package cream cheese, 1/2 c milk, 1/3c flour, 1Tb+ 1 tsp cornstarch, 3/4c sugar. If you’re an experienced baker,just eyeball it. Happy baking!

  34. AURAMIZMO says


    i loved to try this yemma cake!! .just wondering why there is egg yolks on your yemma toppings? while yemma candies has no eggs on it?


  35. Ely says

    Hi, Aikko, I tried this today, but my cake sunk!! dont know if its was over done or what as i baked it for 50 mins. It was brown top, side and bottom. and when it was done, i left it in the oven with the door a bit open.. should i have taken it out from the oven? The cupcakes was perfect!! but my cake wasnt… whats the tecnique? hope you can share. Thank you!!

  36. Sally says

    Aikko I am baking this yema cake so to speak. I dont know what I’ve done wrong. the cake has beautiful dome but full of crack all over the top. Then I did the frosting with lowfat condensed milk and follow the rest of the recipe but it turned out pretty watery so I had to make a slurry to thicken it up. Okay I just now took the cake out of the oven & it shrunk quite a bit. Please help, thank you very much…..
    Sally W.

  37. amjastah says

    Hindi ba dapat punuin ng tubig kapag water bath? or kalahati lang para hindi umapaw yung tubig sa oven? Ok. lang din ba Diretso bake sa oven agad? thanks

  38. amjastah says

    Hindi ba dapat punuin ng tubig kapag water bath? or kalahati lang para hindi umapaw yung tubig sa oven? Ok. lang din ba Diretso bake sa oven?

  39. katherine indonto says

    you said ok lang hindi mag water bath while baking the batter, BUT anung effect niya if i’m not doing the water bath? ganun padin ba yung quality nung cake? or much better if mag water bath? thanks thanks! excited to use your recipe.


  40. Bhing Balmeo says

    hi there..i so loved this yema cake. one of my best seller kids loved it too…thanks for the recipe….tried many of your recipes here and posted it on my facebook. :-)

  41. kathy says

    hello, new fan here!
    anu yung height nung pan na gamit mo? yung sa akin kasi 2″ lang, sa picture kasi it looks taller than 2″ and ano pwede kong gawin para hindi maging runny yung yema? thanks a lot :)

  42. bambie says

    im glad ifound this blog. made the exact cake last sunday for the first time and i must say i th8nk i did it!! lol! im a chiffon fan and i couldn’t believe i made such a delicate not toosweet cake (tho as expected yema was quite sweet) -:big thank you to you!! its a different story when i refrigerate it and eat the ff day!! mas masarap! the only challenge i had was converting the ingredients to cups and tbsp. im planning to tryyour mocha and ube this weekend and hopefully they’ll turn out great as well! woupd love to send you a pic.. how? its not as pretty but i think its delicious :) thanks again

  43. says

    Wow! That Yema Cake looks really good! I think the size of the grated cheese is just right. It looks balanced! Haha. It’s like a double cheese yema cake. Kasi may cream cheese then grated cheese pa. I want to make this for New Year’s Eve! And yes, I have a vanilla bean I’ve been meaning to use!

    Love your site! It’s very pretty! Love the color combo.

  44. Sharlyn says

    Hi couldnt find cream of tartar here in Norway. Can you suggest any substitute for it for meringue? I heard vinegar or lemon juice can be use. Is it possible?

  45. Ruby says

    Thanks for sharing your recipe Ms. Aikko. My family loved my yema cake considering that it’s my first time to bake. I would love to send a pic of my finished product, but dunno how.Looking forward for more yummy recipes. God Bless!

  46. Olive says

    Mine was a fail. I don’t know what I did wrong. At first it was a big and smooth dome then it shrunk eventually. I baked it for 1 hour and a half but it still came out raw at the bottom. I followed all the ingredients and procedures (except the almond extract) hay…

  47. Rahul says

    Looking nice. Check more interesting cake flavors for any celebration at They provide best quality cake with affordable cost.

  48. Faye Bermudez says

    Hi Ms. Aikko! I’m going to bake Yema cake next week as requested of the my friend who will be celebrating her birthday. The size of my baking pan is 12inches. Pwede po bang dagdagan ang all purpose flour instead of 60gm? Mga ilan kayang cups? How about po ung ibang ingredients like cheese cream, cornstarch, milk, butter need din po bang dagdagan ang measurement nila? Mga ilan din pong cups? Wonder lng po ako, walang baking powder sa ingredients? talaga bang walang baking powder? Hope u can answer me ASAP. Thank u po.


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