TLC’s The Fabulous Baker Brothers

It’s baking for boys this October as sibling rivalry collides with hearty, unpretentious food in TLC’s THE FABULOUS BAKER BROTHERS 

From fluffy loaves to savoury pies, brothers Tom and Henry Herbert show off a new side to baking.

With five generations of baking tradition behind them, Herbert brothers Tom, a baker, and Henry, a chef who runs the local butcher’s shop next door, take viewers into the heat of the British artisan kitchen and give them the inside scoop on baking, which have been honed through years of practice and passion. The boys roll up their sleeves and lead fellow foodies through their delicious recipes packed with generous fillings, tempting toppings and tasty accompaniments that bring in stacks of delicious flavours. Unlock the trade secrets of baking with Tom and Henry every Wednesday in THE FABULOUS BAKER BROTHERS at 7:30 p.m. starting October 16. Encores every Thursday at 10:30 a.m. and Saturday at 10:30 p.m. 

It’s time to get out the flour and ditch those cupcake trays because THE FABULOUS BAKER BROTHERS, Tom and Henry, are eager to dish out serious tantalising eats inspired by British heritage that will draw even the blokes to the kitchen to cook up a storm. Tom, the eldest of six in the Herbert family, is a fifth generation baker who is passionate about eating, sharing and making bread. Henry, on the other hand, is also a fifth generation baker, former head chef of award-winning pub Coaches and Horses, and now a fully-fledged butcher with a mission to restore food culture in Britain through reviving good ole English recipes. The two will combine their skills and expertise (and did we mention their good looks?) to produce dishes manly enough for men and irresistibly scrumptious for the ladies. Forget about fancy fare and over-the-top presentations because when it comes to food, the brothers look for nothing more than down-to-earth, quality meals that satisfy taste buds and stomachs.

Each episode in the six-part series centers around a theme – hunger, fast, love, long, cheap and hard – and ends with an epic battle known as the infamous pie war that sees the brothers go head-to-head to prove who’s the better man as they serve up their pie versions to hungry judges. Curb those hunger pangs with the ultimate hanger steak sandwich, race your opponent in a ‘Pizza vs Toastie’ speedy snack face-off, amp up the romance factor with some loving and indulgent treats, slow it down in the kitchen with recipes for dishes that are worth the wait, pimp up toast with some affordable home-made toppings and get a boost of confidence as the boys show you it’s not impossible to make seemingly tough eats like beef wellington. 

Viewers who’ll get hooked on these charming lads and their glorious spread of food will be glad to know that THE FABULOUS BAKER BROTHERS are set to return to TLC in early 2014 with season two where Tom and Henry get out of their kitchen and on the road to develop iconic menu items for cafés, restaurants and bakeries across the United Kingdom.

But for now, join in the wholesome, golden-crusted fun with THE FABULOUS BAKER BROTHERS in these following episodes:

In this episode, Tom demonstrates how to make the perfect white loaf, which coincidentally also makes the perfect chip butty. They reveal the method to their ‘Trencher’ recipe – an epic open top hanger steak sandwich topped with wild mushrooms and crispy salad – and then showcase their unique creation – 
chocolaty ‘Sticky Sticks’ doughnuts. For the weekly pie-making competition, the brothers go head-to-head in a battle to win over this week’s judges – a group of hungry farmers. Henry chooses to make a meaty rabbit pie and Tom a hearty ploughman’s lunch inspired pasty. But which brother will come out on top?

In this episode, THE FABULOUS BAKER BROTHERS, Tom and Henry, are baking recipes that are fast and furious. There’s soda bread and homemade butter, ready to eat within 30 minutes of baking, then a race to make the speediest snack – ‘Pizza Vs Toastie’, the ultimate bloke’s battle. And want a curry in a hurry? Well, Henry’s got a blinder, topped off with Tom’s super quick chapattis. And with a 1-0 lead, Henry needs to stave off his big brother as they go face to face in their weekly pie contest. Five fearless fire fighters need a pie they can eat on the go, but which brother will go up in smoke?

In this episode, Tom and Henry are cooking up the food of love. There’s the ultimate romantic breakfast in bed with eggs Benedict with homemade hollandaise sauce and spinach muffins. They whip up a ‘get out of trouble chocolate cake’ and some ‘melt in the middle chocolate pots’, handy to help win back brownie points when you’re in the dog house, then a slow cooked cassoulet with duck and sausages; the perfect dish for big family occasions when all your loved ones are together. And with Pie Wars standing at 1-1, there’s everything to bake for in this week’s pie battle. Tom and Henry make sweet pies in an attempt to woo five glamorous hairdressers and secure their votes.  But which brother will be crowned winner and which will face the chop?

This episode of THE FABULOUS BAKER BROTHERS is all about food that takes a long time to prepare, but don’t let that put you off – the results are totally worth the wait. Tom and Henry make slow cooked pulled pork served stuffed into homemade pitta bread. Tom makes a sourdough loaf using the family’s 56 year old sourdough culture and tells you how to make your very own, then there’s a traditional steamed pudding soaked in flaming booze and covered with a toffee sauce; a vintage classic.  Henry’s creeping into the lead in the weekly pie battle as the Pie Wars score board stands at 2 – 1. This week’s judges are seven triathletes who are looking for a hearty pie to fuel them for their lengthy training. Tom and Henry make big, savoury pies for the endurance athletes to test run. But which brother will emerge victorious and which will flop?

In this episode of THE FABULOUS BAKER BROTHERS, Tom and Henry are firing out budget busting, cheap and cheerful food that doesn’t scrimp on flavour. Henry makes sliders; mini bite sized burgers served in Tom’s ultimate burger bun with delicious toppings. You can’t get much cheaper than toast so Tom and Henry pimp it up as they make their favourite ‘Things on Toast’; Baker Brothers beans and mackerel pate. And they’ve got a mean recipe for a classic cheap favourite; toad in the hole – guaranteed to satisfy the crowds and the bank balance. This week, the Pie Wars competition builds as Tom bakes to stay in the game and plays catch up to his younger brother Henry’s 3 – 1 lead. This week, the brothers face their most dangerous pie war battlefield yet – the student kitchen! Tom and Henry make low cost pies topped with mashed potato for a hungry group of students; the experts of cheap living. And there’s a big pile of washing up waiting for the loser.

In the final episode of THE FABULOUS BAKER BROTHERS, Tom and Henry raise the bar and show us how to make difficult dishes that we all think we can’t make. This week they make the ultimate lads show off food; beef wellington. Getting the fillet perfectly cooked while it’s wrapped up in pastry is like baking with a blindfold on. Tom’s got the ultimate diet-busting bread; he makes a multilayered, multi-calorie lardy cake. And, power tools at the ready as the brother’s show you how to make your very own smoke house perfect to make the ultimate smoked dogs, with lashings of tomato ketchup and mustard. And THE FABULOUS BAKER BROTHERS Pie War reaches a dramatic finale as the boys come face to face with their toughest judges yet – the National Association of Master Bakers. The stakes are higher than ever as the boys bake an individual take on a classic pie to impress the royalty of the baking world. Will baker Tom face the ultimate humiliation in the face of his industry experts? Or will Henry’s winning streak finally be sliced by his older brother? And with all Pie War scores considered, which brother will be crowned the series champion and receive the coveted title of Pie War Champ?



  1. yashika chhbara says

    i am from India and i watch your show all the time.
    i am completely passionate about baking and planning to start with a very small set up for restaurant with some ideas i have but i don’t have any kind of experience in this sector.
    it would be wonderful if you could let me work and learn with your guys , so that i follow my passion too, just like you.
    it would be highly appreciable.
    looking forward to your revert.
    best regards
    yashika chhabra

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