Brazo de Mercedes Cupcakes Recipe

I can not recall how many requests I have received for me to feature a Brazo de Mercedes Cupcakes recipe on Bake Happy and I have wondered exactly what it is. So before I gave in and start on a Brazo de Mercedes Cupcakes recipe hunt, I went to Facebook to ask you friends about it, are these basically vanilla cupcakes with seven minute frosting with egg yolk filling? Or are these egg white based all through out topped with an egg yolk filling? Thankfully, I got the answers from you (woo hoo!!!).

A few (thanks Badette and Jennifer!) pointed me to the experts of Brazo de Mercedes Cupcake making – Mommyluv’s Kitchen and The Kitchen Witch, they sell these yummy treats so if you are curious about it, do order some from them :).  I was about to drop them a note asking for some guidance when I received a Facebook reply from my friend, Edda, who described it pretty well for me (thank you for your sharing , Edda! Mwah!!!). She said –

I used the usual Brazo de Mercedez recipe but instead of spreading the meringue on the baking pan you pipe it directly to the liners leaving a hole in the center so you can pipe the custard filling after baking the meringue
 Brazo de Mercedes-pinterest
Ohh… so that is what it was, okay, I give in, I started recipe hunting for brazo de mercedes cupcakes recipe. This is my journey :) Read on.

Brazo de Mercedes Cupcakes Recipe

adapted from Sylvia Almario Ibazeta’s recipe from
375F/16 cupcakes

What we need:

For the filling –
8 egg yolks, lightly beaten
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 cup cornstarch
300 ml condesnsed milk
300 ml water (just use the condensed milk can to measure this  :) )

For the meringue –
8 egg whites
1 cup sugar
1 tsp cream of tartar
1 tsp vanilla extract

Here’s how:
For the filling –
(1) Pour condensed milk into a small pan.


 (2) In a small bowl, mix water and cornstarch together. Add to the condensed milk and start heating up the pan.


 (3) While still not too hot, whisk in the yolks. Don’t add in one go, do it slowly, we don’t want sweetened scrambled eggs, do we?


(4) Please whisk continously, until thick.


 (5) Whisk, whisk, whisk until the texture is of piping consistency. Set aside to cool down. No need to cover, just whisk once in a while so a skin won’t form.


For the meringue –
(6) Beat egg whites until foamy then add the vanilla and cream of tartar. Does anyone know why it’s called “cream of tartar”? It doesn’t look creamy to me :)


 (7) Gradually add sugar while continuously mixing the egg whites. Mix until stiff.


Now, did I mention that I made this twice? No? Okay, I did. Apparently, making Brazo de Mercedes Cupcakes is not about the recipe, it is about (a) the type of cupcake liner used and (b) the technique. This is the part where I need you to listen uh… I mean read carefully, okay? So here it goes –

(a) The Type of Cupcake Liner Used
This is the first time I made the Brazo de Mercedes Cupcakes and I used my usual go to 3 oz brown cupcake liners. They are just thin and really can not hold a batter with out the help of the cupcake pan. Don’t they look so pretty here?


But look at them an hour or so later. My brazo de mercedes cupcakes shrunk and they burnt, I just want to cry! But as P!nk says in her song “Try”  (apparently, though I know it’s not the intent, it applies to making Brazo de Mercedes Cupcakes, too) :)

But just because it burns
Doesn’t mean you’re gonna die
You’ve gotta get up and try, and try, and try
Gotta get up and try, and try, and try
You gotta get up and try, and try, and try

And so I got up (the following day) and tried again. This time I used two types of liners – one is metallic (as you can see in some of the pictures) and baking cupcake cups – the ones that can stand on their own. The thing is, the meringue while baking will rise but once it’s out of the oven, it will shrink so we want a cupcake liner that won’t sway to the wills of the meringue and will hold it’s own stance. So in summary, use strudy liners :)

(b) The Technique
As I mentioned,  the meringue while baking will rise but once it’s out of the oven, it will shrink so pipe the meringue as close as you want to see it as it’s end state. I made a silent video – nothing fancy :) of how I did it. One demo for the metallic liner and one for the baking cupcake cups. Both worked beautifully of not shrinking together with the meringue. Thanks to my sister Lisa for helping me out on making the video. Make sure to leave a hole in the center for the filling later.

(8) Bake at 375F for 5-7 minutes, or until the top browns beautifully. After baking, cool for a bit then pipe the filling into the center of the Brazo de Mercedes Cupcakes. Silent video again, thanks Lisa!!! :)
(9) Lastly, dust the cupcakes with powdered sugar.

Enjoy!!! :)



  1. Anonymous says

    Hi Akiko! Tks for sharing this! They look beautiful! By the way, can u tell me what tip are u using in piping the meringue! Tks a bunch!

  2. says

    Oh my Aikko. Thanks for mentioning me in this post *BIG SMILE* sobrang natuwa ako (ang babaw lang) hahaha! You did an amazing job with the BDM Cupcakes…You go girl!!!

  3. says

    In my country we call this dessert Brazo de Gitano. my mom used to make it every saturday, sometimes filled with cream.. other times with guava jelly… this is the type of dessert memories are made off! cant wait to try!

  4. says

    Hi Aikko! The recipe looks interesting. Was just curious though, besides having the tops browning, what are the other indications that your meringue is done? I have my mom’s old brazo recipe with me and her recipe calls for turning on the oven at 350. Would it be fine to have the oven at this temp as well? Thanks.

  5. says

    wow, I can’t wait to try this! thanks for posting, aikko!
    btw, to avoid the skin at the top of the filling (because you might forget stirring it while you’re doing the egg white thing), you can cover it with clingfilm and make sure the film touches the whole surface of the yema filling.

  6. says

    wow, I can’t wait to try this! thanks for posting, Aikko!

    btw, to avoid forming a “skin” on your yema filling, try covering it with clingfilm. I tend to forget stirring while I’m doing another task.

    Make sure the clingfilm touches every inch of the surface of the filling. Hope it helps!

  7. Anonymous says

    Hi Akiko, wow that’s awesome BDM cupcake, cant wait to try it soon..can you please tell me how many cupcakes have you made from one recipe?. thanks

  8. Anonymous says

    Hi Aikko,
    Did the cupcake hold up nicely in the red and white striped cupcake liner? Is this a recipe that needs to be made right before an event? Thank you! 😀 – So Cal

  9. says

    Thank you so much for this aikko.. I have been planning to do this because i have been hearing about this brazo de mercedes cupcake and i just cant figure out how i should do it..there is one more i would like to know, the sans rival cupcake.. thanks once again aikko.. you have been a great help for us home bakers.

  10. says

    Thank you so much for this recipe Aikko. I have been planning to make this one for ages for i have been hearing about brazo de mercedes cupcakes.. how about the sansrival cupcake? is that possible as well? Once again, thank have been a great help for us homebakers.

  11. Anonymous says

    this is one of my childhood favorite sweets! I dont mind eating the burned ones… thank you Aikko! ur the best!
    -Monette :)

  12. Anonymous says

    Hi, can I ask something? Ano po yung tip na ginamit nyo for meringue at for filling? Same lang po ba? BTW I can’t wait to try this recipe thank you so much for sharing it! 😀 More power and God Bless! 😀

  13. Anonymous says

    Hi. Just to let you know that I’ve been making brazo de Mercedes for the past two years and this the first time I made it in cupcake form and it turned out great. Thanks for the idea.

  14. Anonymous says

    Thank you so much for being so generous with your baking skills.û i love your blog.ü how do you store these by the way? Thank u again ms aiko

  15. Anonymous says

    Hi. I tried baking brazo de mercedes and after a few hours my meringue is weeping(droplets of water on the meringue). Why is that kya?

  16. says

    This look so good but I am not sure if I am very intimidated by the meringue. I will just enjoy watching this photo for now, until I will get the courage to tackle the egg whites.

  17. says

    This is indeed mouth-watering. This seems to be so yummy. Thanks for sharing these amazingly artistic tips in making brazo de mercedes cupcakes. I would really love to try making this so soon during the weekend. My kids will surely love this delicious and interesting dessert. This is amazing.


  18. Anonymous says

    Hi Aikko, i tried this recipe of yours, its almost perfect the fillings are okey, my problem is some of the cupcakes are watery like….did i overbeat the eggwhites or its really like that?thanks for the help

  19. Cheriane Joyce Lat says

    i’m looking for this recipe so that i can give this to my friend. i’ll just ask if how much should i spend for this recipe? and how many servings would it take?

  20. Anonymous says

    hi aikko….i love brazo de mercedes…pero nung nag try ako..after i bake the white egg nag syrup cya…pls help me…

  21. says

    Thanks so much for the recipe. I live in southern Cali and the closest store where I can get brazo is 30 miles away. I am glad to find your website, the only change I made is I added lemon extract to the filling. Just like how I remembered eating this growing up.
    Oh and I tried ur crinkles as we’ll….no modifications, they are perfect to my taste. I tried diff recipe in the past, and yours is what I really looked for.
    More power to u.

  22. Anonymous says

    Hi Miss Aikko, will the foil liner solve the shrinking problem? Is it sturdy enough to hold the merengue? Will a 2oz do? Thank you very much..

  23. Maggie says

    Ms. Aikko, how come my brazo de mercedes have water at the bottom? :( i’ve done it 3 times and the results are the same :(

  24. Anonymous says

    Ms. Aikko, is it preheat the oven to 375F or directly bake it? maybe the setting of the oven is not clear that is why yung iba medyo may water ang bottom? please help us by answering the queries…

  25. says

    Hey, I need help. While I’m waiting for the meringue to be semi-firm, it became so thin. :( bubbles started to pop out, and I don’t know what to do. Please help me.

  26. says

    Hi, Aikko. Thank you for this post; my husband’s been bugging me for many days now, coz he wants a brazo de mercedes cupcake. And I’m so glad I came across your site! I’m gonna try this in a while. I’m sorry for the failed first attempt :( I’ll let you know how my cupcakes will turn out; I’m gonna experiment on that failed attempt (baking in a thin paper liner; crazy, I know!).

  27. Anonymous says

    Hi Aikko, I tried this yesterday and it was SOOO GOOODDD! ^___^ thank you for sharing this recipe! It reminds me of my childhood because way back, a bakery near our house sell this and I always tell my mom to buy me slice of brazo. Thank you again!

  28. JAM says

    I just made it! it was delicious! except I improvised on baking the meringue! 7 minutes wasn’t long enough for the meringue to cook..
    here’s what i did: after the top has browned I covered it with foil and left it for another 10mins for the meringue to cook all the way, and it did! without burning the top!

    thanks for the recipe!

  29. Bel Lopez says

    tried making these… and it’s so addicting… I’m just wondering how did u make your cupcakes full, what tip did u use?

  30. says

    hi,aikko! it’s me again. after trying your moist choco cake,i tried doing your brazo de mecedes cupcakes lastnight and it was a success! my family loves it.thanks again! excited to try your other recipes…

  31. bernadette says

    i have been beating the meringue for 30mins now, and it’s still liquid. where do u think have I gone wrong? thanks!

    • Jan says

      either there was a bit of egg yolk added or there was a bit of trace of oil thats accidentally added. Wipe your pan and make sure its dry before you put your egg whites. also make sure your eggs are fresh, it makes a big difference.

  32. krizzel says

    can i ask kase hangang 250dgree lang ang oven ko electrict lang kase mabbake kaya yun?? tnks i hope u will reply!

  33. Ayin says

    Hello! Bakit yung akin parang buong egg yung ilalim ng meringue ? :(( nung una nagawa ko sya pero di ko na maulit :( anong mali ?

  34. sugaresque2014 says

    Hi Akikko, I tried to make this BDM cupcake i had no trouble with the meringue but the custard filling when i was mixing it it showed that it is already thick enough for piping but when it cooled down the consistency of the custard became streamy.. what did i do wrong?

  35. Ana Rose G. Tadeo says

    i love eating brazo de mercedes, but havent tried making merengue.i definitely would like to try this recipe.thanks for posting how to make this cupcakes :-)

  36. Cecilia says

    Hi Aikko,
    I made brazo de mercedes cupcakes last month and followed your suggestion to use “baking cupcake cups – the ones that can stand on their own”. Thanks so much for that!

  37. alelli says

    hi! may i ask what oven are you using? im using convection oven. does it have the hot spot that you mentioned? and how long will we beat the egg whites for the meringue to stiffen it? im actually doing it right now.. please reply po :) thank you :)

  38. Angel says

    Hi Aikko! Tried your recipe yesterday, my first time to make brazo de mercedes cupcakes and it was a HIT! Thank you for sharing your recipe!

  39. Carolina says

    My friend in school invited me to her house for a get-together early dinner. I will come early so she can teach me how to make congris (she’s Cuban). I volunteered to bring dessert. I wanted to make something that will be a sort of cultural exchange between us (and I don’t usually buy food to bring to a party, I make them – for personal touch.) I thought of Brazo de Mercedez (so she can relate to the name as she speaks Spanish) but not wanting to make the whole roll as I know we won’t be able to resist the temptation of eating “some” two days prior to the party. (We have to go somewhere the day before so I need to make the dessert two days before since this will be a sort of experiment for me.) And voila! I saw the images of brazo de Mercedes cupcakes and looked for a recipe I can follow. I liked yours (I saw another one that just looks like “copied” from yours. ) as you show your failed attempt and the videos on how you actually did them. Brilliant. Thanks a lot!

    • says

      Hi Paula, it’s used to stabilize the egg and help the meringue hold its shape. You can use lemon juice or calamansi as a substitute if you don’t have cream of tartar :)

  40. Anna Escarpea says

    Hi! I really love brazo de Mercedes. Wanted to make one, but I only have a hand mixer. I tried making a boiled icing last time and failed, as the egg whites diddnt become fluffy or even close to being called meringue!lol. It just formed bubbles, not sure if it’s the eggs or the mixer. Please help me out. Just a little advice.. Thank you do much! Godbless

    • says

      Hi Anna,

      Not sure, but I only use hand mixer. The one that I have (and usually use) is as old as me, 32 years old :). Baka yun egg. Sometimes kasi baka stale na yung egg kaya hindi nagging frothy :)


  41. pebbles says

    tried this yesterday and my husband and the kids loved it! thanks a bunch for sharing this! they are all requesting for another batch of BDM cupcakes :)

  42. Arlyn Abadiano says

    Tried your recipe this afternoon. My dauhters loved it! Not too sweet too.

    Just don’t know how to post picture here, too bad :(

    Thanks for sharing your recipe :)

  43. Kim says

    Hi Aiko, I was wondering how long is the fridge life of the cupcakes? Also what kind of tip did you use for piping? Thank you! Im a fan of yours :)

  44. jeni says

    hello aikko thanks for sharing your recipe. i will try to make these tomorrow. i was just wondering what type of sugar does to use in the meringue? Is it icing sugar or granulated sugar? Thanks again! :)

  45. says

    Ahhh, I love you, Aikko!!! Hahaha!

    I have tried making the classic Brazo de Mercedes roll a hundred times, but never thought that cupcakes version exists. You are awesome!!! And I must say that you are my new favorite blogger. I could jump for joy right now. Wooohooo!!!! I have bookmarked some of your recipes and I’m on my way now to discovering more. <3

    xx Jhuls

  46. vtz says

    hi aikko i am trying 5 of your recipes right now ( been baking since 9pm till now 2:35am) im.a bit on a rush so i cant tell you how much i love your blog at the moment. – i am hoping though to get an answer for my question

    can i just double the measurement to double the outcome? its my first time and im taking a big leap of faith LOL

    HOow can i make thrice it’s yield?

    thanks so much and il be sharing with you my finished product as soon as the hectic days are over :) thanks in advance

  47. EJane says

    hi akiko!
    So happy to be part of Bake Happy!
    Can I prepare BDM ahead of time like a day before serving them?
    Will I store it at the chiller or room temp only?

  48. May says

    Thanks for sharing ur recipe. I tried it, and I have the same question — why did the cupcakes weep after a while? Moists formed on the sides, and bottom became watery.

  49. Jacq Ilustre says

    Hi Aikko, I’d like to try this but I’m scared coz I’ll only be using an oven toaster and not the regular big oven, can you please help me with the temperature for this cupcake? Do i need to adjust the temp or just stick to 375F?

  50. Maria says

    Hi Ms. Heaven-Sent :-)
    For my first try, I had 12 cupcakes. Then tried another one after looking for what I missed in preparing meringue, I had 21 cupcakes all in all. Should I be bothered if this recipe is expected to yield only 16 cups??
    But then,the taste is perfect. The kids loved it even and my nephew finished 3 cupcakes in a day :-) Thanks for sharing!!!

  51. claire says

    hi Akkiko! Im a new fan of your site now! Wow I can’t wait to try this recipe! But I need to buy a new mixer first.. nsira stand mixer ko local brand lang. Can you recommend a good brand aside from kitchen aide pls ( so expensive kc). Tnx

  52. Maria says

    With regard to the piping method, the picture shown above looks like it is a piped a little overboard the cupcake liner? is this effective and is the secret to keep the form of the cupcake after cooling it?

  53. Honey says

    I love brazo de mercedes and one of my cousin is expert in making this cake! Thank you so much for sharing this! :-) i’m wondering what is the size of the cupcake cups that you used, isit 2 oz or 3 oz?

  54. lei felix says

    Hi Akkiko,

    This is just so amazing! But my brazo cupcake failed, the egg white won,t take the form of the star tip or any tip for the icing and after few minutes the egg whites became watery… What’s wrong? Thanks.

  55. Charllotte says

    hi miss aikko, ask ko lang po bakit po nagwawater yung meringue? kasi po kapag binebake ko po ok po sya pero kapag nailagay napo sa ref mga after 4 hours or kinabukasan nagkakaroon po ng water sa ilalim.,pano po kaya yun? please help me po.. thanks a lot

  56. Catherine says

    Hi Ms. Aikko,

    New follower of your blog and I find this recipe AWEsome ! :)
    I am just wondering there was a time that my Meringue is weeping (looks like clear droplets of water) what did i do wrong?

    Thanks :)

  57. Rose Bangayan says

    Hi aikko ! Thanks for sharing us your recipe and innovations. We used your brazo cup cake in our bakeshop. And it sells better than rolls. Thanks again and God rewards you. Take care.

  58. Mon-mamon says

    Hi, i tried this recipe fir the first time and i love it, i have a few questions though, is it normal that the surface is sticky? And btw, there’s water inside… Why is that so?? Hope i get a reply from you.. Thanks…

  59. Gem Decena says

    Hello miss Aiko,

    thank you for sharing the recipe! I’ve tried it out myself and the results were wonderful! I used plain cupcake liners, and they still worked well with me. It is always a hit everytime i make them! I was wondering though, if i lessen the amount of cornstarch for the filling, will it make a big difference? Thank you so much! MayGod bless you!

  60. says

    Baking newbie here! Love your blog. Been looking for this Brazo de Mercedes recipe and yours is an enjoying read and is really helpful. Excited to try this one out! Godspeed.

  61. Alexis says

    Hi! I’m a big fan of your recipes. They’re really fail proof.. Hehe. I would just like to ask, how can i prevent my meringue from shrinking after taking it out of the oven? I would really appreciate your baking tips for a newbie like me.. Hehe.. Thanks! 😊


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