How to Make Boat Cupcakes

Last Christmas, I was on this island. Perfect bliss. 
I think I am in a long dream right now then I’ll wake up and I’m back there – listening to the waves, sipping my choco peanut butter shake and reading a book. And no, no zip lining or cliff diving for this baker. Vacation is best enjoyed laid back.
Yeah, definitely I am still on beach mode. So I thought if I can’t go the beach, I’ll bring the beach here, at home – stat. Somehow.  
How about some boat cupcakes? Anyone? We’re keeping the tutorial pretty simple. At least for this post. I know we’re still on vacation mode so I’m kind of hoping, like me, you’re taking it easy.

How to Make Fondant  or Gumpaste Boat (2D Version)

What we need:
Fondant in several colors (I used purple, green, pink, yellow and blue)
Square fondant cutter
Round fondant cutter
Rolling pin
Water and brush
Stitching tool (optional)

Here’s how:
(1) Roll out green fondant, cut circles then cut it into half.

(2) Roll small blue fondants into balls and glue into the green fondant.

(3) Cut out triangles from the pink and yellow fondant.

(4) Roll out purple fondant thickly. And cut out squares then run the stitching tool through the edges. The purple fondant will serve as the blank canvas where well arrange the boat like so.

Use the water and brush to adhere the boat parts to the purple blank canvas. 
Now, our boat cupcakes are ready for use :)
Hope you like it guys! :)


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