How to Make Witch’s Hat Cupcakes

Whenever I hear the word “witch” I will always remember a girl named Caroline Pearce whom Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield suspected to be a witch back in second grade. Oh I do hope you know what I am talking about. It’s book #33 on the Sweet Valley Kids series way back when… ummm…. hmmm… let’s see… okay.. when I was young. There, I said it. :) 
So, for my dear Bake Happy readers who are younger (or older) and just can’t relate, Sweet Valley is this series of books about twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield  who looks exactly the same but are different as night and day when it comes to their personalities. To cater to kids/teens of different ages, there are the Sweet Valley Kids, Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High books. My sister and I were into the Sweet Valley Kids series and every Saturday, we get to buy two from the series for 54 pesos at the National Bookstore in Harrison Plaza. These are the books that got me started on reading books and the culprit to me wearing ridiculously thick and heavy glasses up to now. 
I can’t remember now how the story ended, (of course, Caroline is not a witch) but I remember there were chanting (“double double toil and trouble”), spells, toads (?), cauldrons and of course hats. Witches’ hats. And here I am, so into the Halloween spirit, showing you how to make it in fondant. 

Fondant Witch’s Hat Tutorial

What we need:
Fondant in purple, orange and green
Round fondant cutter
Water and brush to glue things together

Here’s how:
(1) Roll purple fondant thinly and cut out round shapes. Set aside

 (2) Go get a big chunk of purple fondant, shape it into a tear. 

 (3) Flatten the base.

 (4) Cut some orange fondant strips

 (5) Assemble the hat

 (6) Paste the orange strip into the base of the hat

 (7) Using the green fondant, add some buckle design. 

 Happy Halloween everyone! :)



  1. says

    Hello Akiko! I am such a fan, and I hope you don’t mind if I ask where do you get your cupcake liners from (if that’s what they’re called) and what fondant recipe do you use? I’m so new in baking cupcakes :-) Thanks!

  2. says

    i always enjoy cisiting your blog, and this time I’d li,e to leave a comment for congrat! Your recipes and explanations are always so clear that it seems very easy to do everything! Thanx for sharing ! Congrats! Smo!

  3. krizia says

    Hi Aikko!!
    your blog is so nice and informative!:))
    May i ask what brand and model of oven you use for baking? I’m planning to buy but i don’t know which one, and i don’t want to regret anything in the end that’s why i’m asking for opinions from others din :)) Sana ituloy mo lng ang blog mo, andami mo ntutulungan and naiinspire like me!:) seriously, ang galing galing mo sa baking, it shows!! hehe why not open up your own store?:) or baking school! hehe
    thanks anD Godbless!:))

  4. says

    Thank you, Simo! You are so sweet! :)
    Thanks Ana!
    Hi Krizia, sorry but I may not be able to help you, I haven’t bought an oven pa, mine is just an “inherited” one and the brand isn’t even one I’m familiar with – Sansio. Try looking at baking forums siguro on what to look for in an oven before buying :)


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