How to Make Cupcake Faces (Intermediate Version)

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And now we come to the conclusion of this series, which makes me sad but also quite excited! Today we’ll be making cupcake faces from scratch, no molds to help us out like in the average version and no 2D versions like in the easy version. Since we’re making this from scratch, we really need a lot (as in a lot) of patience, you still with me? I hope so. 
This is quite interesting but also a looooong and picture heavy post. I tried to decrease the number of pictures on this one but I wanted to show you how I made it exactly hence – just too many pictures. 

I’ve experimented with a lot of faces for fondant, I’ve even posted one one Facebook but this technique just seems more apt to be placed on top of cupcakes. Can I also tell you that I even bought a Moxie Girlz doll and stared at it long and hard to study how to make the face, hahaha! :) Hope you like it guys!

I’ve also been experimenting with fondant and for this tutorial, the flesh colored ones are 50% Satin Ice Fondant and 50% Satin Ice Gumpaste. Though I must tell you, marshmallow fondant still tastes better, at least for me :)

Fondant Faces Intermediate Version:

What we need (for the basics):
Fondant in flesh, white, black, brown and your desired hair color
Fondant tools
Brush and water

 Here’s how:
(1) Roll flesh fondant in oval shape

 (2) Using a fondant tool (or your finger) make an indentation in the middle of the soon-to-be face. This will be place where we’ll add the eyes later.

 (3) Here’s the side view. Oops I know what you’ll be saying – “Aikko, there’s a crease on the head!” Don’t you worry, it will be covered by hair later on so it really won’t matter :)

 (4) Using the ball tool, shape the sides of the nose.

 (5) Flatten the part where we will be placing the nose opening.

 (6) Using the hook-like fondant tool (sorry, I don’t know what it’s called, do you?), shape it into a nose.

 (7) Add the opening of the nose

 (8) Using the hook-like fondant tool, shape the nose some more till it resembles well… a nose of course :)

 (9) Mark the ends of the lips

 (10) Run a line to link it, resembling a smile

 (11) Now, using the hook-like fondant tool (you see this tool is one of the most important when making faces), press down on the lower lip, bringing it closer to the line we drew in step 10. Do it for both ends.

 (12) It should now look like this, lower lip is now more defined but we are not yet done.

 (13) Using a pointed fondant tool, press it on the ends of the lips, to make the fondant face smile some more.

 (14) Now repeat step 11 but this time on the upper lip and make sure the hook-like fondant tool is curved away for the lip (oh I do hope my instructions are making sense… :) please let me know if it’s not)

 (15) Shape the upper lip some more until you’re satisfied on how it looks like.

 (16) Roll small white fondant for the eyes. 

 (17) Flatten it using the ball tool.

 (18) Add the eyeballs using the brown and black fondant.  Now we have a generic face we can now turn into a girl or a boy depending on the details we’ll create on the face. Oh, and before I forget, add a white sprinkle on both eyes to make them sparkle.

 (19) For girls, paint the brows in one movement. Add lashes as well. And if you have pink powder food color, add some blush and some color on her lips this time using white and pink gel colors. If your making fondant faces for boys, make sure to paint the brows in small strokes.

 (18) Using the same technique from step 1 to 19, I created three faces from left to right, a little girl, a lady and a gentleman :)

 (19) Now for hair, for the little girl, roll black fondant into a long rope make sure the length extends from ear to ear. Add some pigtails.

 (20) Add some bangs and run the knife through the hair to add some details.

 (21) For the gentleman, roll black fondant into a long rope make sure the length extends from ear to ear.

 (22) Press the knife onto one side, to resemble the place where the hair parts. 

 (23) Run the knife through the hair to add some details.

  (24) For the lady, roll black fondant into a long rope make sure the length extends up to her imaginary shoulders :) 

 (25) Flatten the hair with a rolling pin. 

 (26) Attach the hair to the head.

 (27) Press the knife onto one side, to resemble the place where the hair parts. Run the knife through the hair to add some details.

 Here they are one top of cupcakes. Like the average version these faces can also be used on top of a fondant figure should you decide to make one. And that my friends will be our topic coming soon – fondant figures.



  1. Anonymous says

    Hi Aikko! Thank you for sharing these very informative tutorials. I learned new techniques. Where did you buy the Satin Ice Gumpaste?

  2. Anonymous says

    4 thumbs up, ms. aikko. that includes my two toes 😉 whahaha
    sobrang galing talaga.. magtatayo na ko ng fans club mo, promise. hihihi
    – your avid fan,
    kylies mom :)

  3. says

    Thank you so much everyone! You guys are all so sweet! :) You all made my day reading your wonderful comments!

    Hi dear Anonymous, at Sweetcraft in Mandaluyong :)

  4. Anonymous says

    ohhh wow…i love these….thanks so much for sharing your tutorial Aikko! Will anxiously wait for the next one….thanks heaps!!!!

  5. says

    Excellent! Thanks for the tutorial. How long is the shelf life of the finished product? Can I make it in advance? Hindi ba masisira? And do you prepare your own gum paste or just using satin ice gum paste? Thanks – Gen

  6. says

    Thanks so much dear Anonymous! :)

    Hi Gen, 2-3 weeks, yes you may make it in advance. I don’t prepapre my own gumpaste, I was just experimenting with satin ice on this tutorial :)

  7. Anonymous says

    Aikko, its me joan.. just want to ask what do u use to tint the cheeks of the girls? and do u use plain powder or u mix it with water? TIA

  8. Anonymous says

    this is by far one of the best tutorial i ve seen on the net.
    i wish i had find this a long time before!!!
    thks a lot for sharing and giving your time ,because it should have taken you such a long time to do!!!
    happy modeling and caking!!

  9. Anonymous says

    Hi ms.aikko meron po ba substitute para makagawa ng flesh colour?? I hope to hear from you soon, and thank you for sharing this tutorial.. More godbless!

  10. says

    Hi dear Anonymous, I use Americolor Coppertone / Fleshtone is the usual go-to color. But most of the time, I play around with Americolor Gold or Ivory, or even Gold and Ivory combined :)

  11. Anonymous says

    You’re so blessed to have such talent and sharing it to others make you almost perfect. Keep it up.

  12. Anonymous says

    Hi Ms. Aikko, I was searching about on how to make fondant people and I saw your site on the search engine. Your work and ideas are awesome. I love your work. Thanks for sharing your detailed tutorials with photos and recipes. If you don’t mind if I ask, where did you buy the silicon ribbon mold you used for the cupcake faces? Maraming Salamat!

  13. Anonymous says

    the lips and nose aren’t working as well for me as they are in this pic.i have the exact same tools as the ones you use here, and im doing exactly as the pictures show. it just comes out bizarre and messy looking.,

  14. Daniela says

    Wow, amazing…thanks for sharing all the tips, awesome tutorial, so detailed…greetings from LIMA-PERU.

  15. Frustrated Baker says

    Hi Miss! I just wanna ask if you make your own fondant or buy it at stores? I tried to make some and it just turns into big balls of mess :(

  16. beb says

    so happy to found your site.
    your tutorial is easy to follow. however.. I hope you will have a human tutorial too :)
    thanks for sharing your talent.

    more power. God bless

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