How to Make Safari Cupcakes – Fondant Elephants

So here’s the deal. I need you to sit down. 

Take a deep breath. 

Prepare yourself. 

What I am about to tell you is of utmost importance. 
In this day and age, it is important to once in a while drop whatever your doing and de-stress. Read a book, take a stroll in the park, have dinner with friends. Or de-stress by staring, oohh-ing and ahh-ing at the cuteness of this Elephant Cupcake. I call her Ms Ellie. Ms Ellie the Elephant with the longest lashes ever (I’m jealous) 

As you can see, I am making this into a series – The Safari Themed Cupcakes Series and I am going to show you how I’ll make them. Pefect to make for kids or with kids, birthday parties, baptism, and  every occasion imaginable. First up, Ms Ellie the Elephant Cupcakes.

What we need - 

Fondant in pink, white and black
Fondant ball tool
Rolling Pin
White small sprinkles

Oval fondant cutter (medium)
Brown gel food coloring
Brush and water

Here’s How
(1) Roll pink fondant thinly and cut oval shapes for Ms Ellie’s ears

 (2) For Ms Ellie’s head and trunk, roll fondant into a ball

(3) Press one side down.

(4) Then roll back and forth.

(5) Using the fondant  ball tool, press the end of Ms Ellie’s trunk inward to create a cavity.

(5) Roll small two white fondant pieces into balls and press into Ms Ellie’s head

(6) Do the same for the black fondant and add the white sprinkles into Ms Ellie’s eyes.

(7) Add the eye details, brows and girly girl lashes and attach the ears.

Hope you liked the tutorial! :)

For more tutorials, see here: 

Have a great day everyone! :)



  1. Very cute cupcake topper! I hope someday soon makagawa din ako ng fondant topper :-)

  2. you and your fondant masterpieces are incredible, you deserve to publish your own book! well, atleast i know where i should go to learn these things.

  3. Thanks Cielo! :) Kayang kaya mo yan :)
    Hi Winter! Thanks so much, someday I hope :)

  4. thank you for sharing this tutorial sis…fan mo ako :) your tutorials are big help for a newbie baker like me. God bless you more for sharing your talent.

  5. Thanks so much, Liezl! Have a nice day! :) More tutorials to come :)

  6. Hi Aikko! did you used MMF for this topper or you used the regular fondant? I trieD making a topper today but my MMF doesn’t hold for the figurine type.

  7. Hi Cielo! Sent you a mail na ha? :)

  8. Hi ms. Aikko

    I noticed the cute doillies u have on ur pictures. May i know where u got them? Thanks!

  9. Hi Ms. Aikko

    Saw the cute doillies u hav on ur pics. If its ok may I know where u got them? Thank you very much.

  10. Hi Marelle, I got them from Landmark Makati! :)

  11. Hi Ms. Aikko,

    meron ka po ba safari design ng cake and cupcake??


  12. Hi Jennie, you mean ba yung tiger or zebra prints? Sorry no, but I do have some tutorials on lion and monkey fondants :)

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