How to Make a Designer Red Purse Fondant Cupcake Topper

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Three things – 

Today, I made a Little Mermaid Cake for a pretty little girl named Mhia who celebrated her fourth birthday.

Today, I chanced upon a sale in the mall so I bought some office pants.

Today, I had my picture taken with Mig Ayesa! What a rush! He’s super nice. Wish I baked cupcakes so I can give him some. Rock of Ages definitely rocks!

Wait… that’s three already? And I still haven’t gotten around to introducing this post, hahaha! Well, here it is – read on.

Today (after that long introduction), we’re all about bags. Cute red purses. In fondant. Fashionable, totally.

Purses you can tote around then after basking in its cute-ness, devour it with much gusto. Clearly an  epic sugar-rush beyond proportions. 

This tutorial has been requested several times so here I thought I’d make a proper tutorial.I It’s fairly easy and requires minimal tools. Want to see how I made it?

How to Make Designer Red Purse Cupcake Topper

What we need – 

Fondant in red and ivory
Stitching tool (or toothpick or knife)
Gold dragees
Brush and water

Here’s How
(1) Roll red fondant into a ball, press it flat and shape into a rectangle. Make sure to retain the round edges.

(2) Using the stitching tool (or toothpick or knife), “stitch” a rectangle on to the base. Do the same to its 2 sides.

(3) Using the stitching tool, run diagonal lines onto the front of the purse.

(4) Repeat it but this time, run it the opposite direction.

(5) Roll out a small amount of red fondant and cut it into a rectangle

(6) Cut two of the sides, like so.

(7) Run through a border.

(7) Repeat steps 3 and 4 on to the rolled red fondant.

(8) Attach the red rolled fondant to the bag and paste a small rectangle onto the center of the bag

(9) Add the gold dragees detail.

(10) Roll ivory fondant into a long thin rope

(11) Twist two long ropes and cut a portion to serve as the bag’s handle and attach to the bag.

(12) Here’s the finished product :)

Depending on the size, you can either make it as a cake or cupcake topper. Plus, you can change the color of the handle, dragees and main bag for more versatility.

Got a tutorial request? Let Bake Happy Blogger know so she can see what she can do about it.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, everyone!



  1. says

    so very nice aikko, very creative you. anyway, if you sell that cuppy to your customer how much then would each cuppy be? thanks for sharing

  2. says

    Hi Ms Aikko,

    Greetings from Australia! I am very much hook into your blog it is excellent! I am new to baking and just started experimenting on fondant. I am planning to make this on my 30th bday! (so excited)just wanted to ask, once you baked your cupcakes and iced it do you put your fondant topper straight away? How do you store it? I am planning to make the cupcakes the night before my bday. Thanks

  3. says

    Hi Priscilla! Oh my, so sorry for missing out on your message, I hope you had a blast! I cool my cupcakes first then add the frosting and topper. I make it as near to the event as I can :)

    Thanks Mydearbakes! :)

  4. feestkleding says

    Ik vond uw blogger pagina geweldig, het is echt heel handig en info voor mij om hier te zijn, zoek nogmaals om spoedig komen, bedankt.

  5. Cherrypie Tolentino says

    Hi Ms. Akiko. You’re such a great artist and generous enough to share your talent. God bless you more. My friend asked me to make a cupcake with a bag topper and luckily, I just found yours clearly illustrated. Your blog is also highly commendable. I like it much.
    Thanks again and hopefully to meet you in person to congratulate you personally.

  6. Monika says

    Hi There,

    I love your tutorial. I was just wondering where your purchased that stitching tool? I have been looking everywhere for one just like it.



  7. Sheng says

    Hi Ms. Aikko,

    This is really nice. A friend of mine just refer your website and I’m loving all the recipes. One question though, how do you make the handle of the bag stand, mine is drooping or cannot stand at all :(
    thanks and more power!


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