Goldilocks Bakebook: Favorite Recipes from the Philippines’ Best Loved Bakeshop

I am a Goldiocks baby. And I have proof. Pinky swear. Later. Much later. No, just a bit later.
I have something cool to show you first.
Goldilocks recently released a baking book. It’s a compilation of their tried and tested recipes. Something we, Filipinos have the opportunity to savor in one too many occasions we celebrate. I mean, who doesn’t know Goldilocks? 

In my opinion, the release of this book is about time! And so generous of this iconic bakeshop to share their secrets which us. 

Want to show what’s inside? You can see recipes for something very familiar like the Black Forest, Ube Cake and the Sans Rival.

Or (at least for me) something unfamiliar, like Neapolitan Cake or this magnificent Chocolate Surprise Cake. 

What I love about this book (aside from the very recipes tucked inside the pages) is the plastic cover. When you buy the book, it comes with this sturdy plastic cover which protects it from the wear and tear of referring to the recipes all the time. As you can see, I seem to have worn out my copy already. I sometimes bring it out with me to read. It has even come with me to a Korean and Chinese Restaurant. I am a geek that way.

The Goldilocks Bake Book is not just a recipe book. It also chronicled the Bakeshop’s journey from a single store to the massive empire it is now. All because of a dream two ambitious women had. Love the vintage pictures of their “behind the scenes” operations through out the years. 

Here are some old pictures of their celebration cakes. I love looking at these. The cake as the centerpiece of every occasion. 

At the end of the book, Goldilocks asked their valued customers about their Goldilocks experience. I enjoyed reading this. No matter how different we all are, it just seems we’re one and the same when we share our experiences. And I am about to share with you mine.
On my first birthday, I had a Goldilocks Sansrival Cake. See that telltale yellow gingham-ish box? Goldilocks. Please note that this is one of the few times I am able to rock a dress and freakishly short hair. My sister is in her high chair eagerly awaiting for her slice of the cake. Up to now, I still see her eyes twinkle whenever there is a Sans Rival Cake. My two moms can’t wait to have a bite of the gloriously rich cake, too!
Here we are on our sixth (my sister) and 5th (me) birthdays. We had a mocha cake. I so love looking at my sister’s baby photos. She is such a doll, such a happy baby!

And here I am on my big bash seventh birthday. Since it was my seventh, I got a customized cake with a Disney theme. My mom was telling me I fought tooth and nail to wear this yellow Barbie dress even though it’s a size smaller than my already small frame. But I think it looked good. Still does don’t you think? And I can not let this pass, don’t you also love the iconic 80’s “handa”? Hotdogs on a stick stuck in a cabbage? :) Love it.

Have a Goldi-Good-Day, Goldilocks! Can’t wait to try your recipes.

Goldilocks Bake Book: Favorite Recipes from the Philippines’ Best Loved Bakeshop
211 pages
National Bookstore
Php 795.00


  1. Anonymous says

    hi Ms.Aikko… first of all, you looked so cute on your baby photos.
    i too was a Goldilocks baby hehehe. i have lots of favorites from their ensaymada, mamons, butter cake, marble cakes, chiffons, to polborons and a lot more 😀
    i cant wait to have my very own copy of the Goldilocks Bake Book. Thank you.
    -your avid fan,

  2. says

    Aikko!!! Please please get me a copy of this book! I am going home in December, they might not have any left then! I’ll pay you, I promise! #panicattack #hyperventilating

  3. says

    Hi Kylie’s Mom! Thanks so much! Yeah, for me naman, my favorite is their chocolate mousse :)

    Hi Monique,
    Sure, sige, when I drop by National Bookstore, I’ll buy one for you :)

  4. says

    i’m looking for a chocolate hug recipe for some chewy chocolatey cookies with icing sugar on the outside that i purchased in vancouver, bc canada for $1.50 each. they are so good but at that price i’ll have to make them myself esp if my children taste them b/c they WILL want more!

  5. Anonymous says

    Yes, this book has many mistakes. Some recipes are missing and some instructions are missing. Some call for different measurements (like with salt, a recipe calls for half a cup instead of half teaspoon).

  6. Anonymous says

    I was so excited about this bakebook. I have it on my nightstand as I love to just read through the recipes and look at the pictures. Finally, I tried making the Classic Polvoron to give away for Christmas. I have my own Polvoron recipe but decided to use Goldilocks’ recipe as I wanted to give them as Christmas gifts. I was disappointed how it turned out. The mixture was too wet and looked more like Yema. I had to add more milk, toasted flour and sugar to reach the Polvoron consistency that I was used too. I’m not giving up on the bakebook yet. Hopefully the next recipe I make wouldn’t be as disappointing – RR

    • Rose De Guzman says

      I tried some of the recipe . I think they needed to do some more editing and testing before they published the book. It was really frustrating that most of the recipe did not turned out good .

  7. Don lopez says

    Hello po !ask ko lng po san po b ko mkabli ng book wala n po s bookstore,ipapadala ko po kc s tita ko s US.

  8. Myrna says

    Hi! Aikko, I will like to know if you have your own recipe or cookbook? Kasi gusto kong bumili ng cookbook mo. Thanks! Merry CHRISTmas

  9. Jocelyn Castro says

    I’m trying to purchase your goldilocks cookbook last year when I went for holiday here in the Philippines.. But unfortunately, it was sold out. Is there by any chance that I can have a copy of this cookbook? I was so happy when my sister told me that there is a cookbook. But I went to every bookstore and it’s out of stock. I’m hoping that you can spare a copy for me.

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