How to Make Eiffel Tower Cupcake Toppers

February is the only month when it is unofficially okay to have pink as your picture background for every post for the rest of the month. By “you” I mean “me”. And while where at it, I’ll include April on the list since it’s my birthday month and I can practically do anything I want. 
But then again, pink is a popular background for all my posts. I hope by now you’re used to it, though I try to balance the whole vibe with other colors as well. Sometimes, you see browns, oranges, reds, greens, oh well, you get it. But pink is the closest to my heart. Just saying. 

Anyway, since it’s the love month and all, I thought I’d show you how I made the Eiffel Tower Cupcakes from this post. And I’m posting it early to give you all the prep time you need. How’s that for nice? :)
What we need

Eiffel Tower Image
Gumpaste (I use Country Kitchen’s Gumpaste Mix)
Brown gel food coloring
Royal Icing in piping bag with a #1 tip
Bronze luster dust
Vodka [friendly note: vodka is used to thin out the luster dust and not for drinking while doing this project. After all, friends don’t let friends cake decorate while drunk :)] or a clear extract (ex vanilla or lemon)
Slim popsicle sticks

Here’s How:

(1) Roll out gumpaste and cut out the Eiffel Towers using the template. Let it dry overnight

 (2) Thin out brown food coloring with vodka and brush onto the towers. Let it dry for about 2 hours.

 (3) Using the Royal Icing in piping bag with a #1 tip, pipe the outline and details on the tower. Let it dry (… again) 

 (4) Thin out the bronze luster dust with vodka and brush onto the details.

 Here are some cupcakes I prepped with heart sprinkles. Cupcakes taste so much better with sprinkles, says Fancy Nancy. Oh wait, that was ice cream I think. Same difference. 

Assemble towers on top of the cupcakes with Popsicle sticks for support. Oh la la!!!


  1. says

    wow! thanks for sharing them! you have real talent! :)

    One question though, what’s the best way to store cupcakes (w frosting)? Let’s say, you’re making them on Sunday/Monday for Tuesday. thanks Aikko!

  2. Millie says

    Hi Aikko, My daughter’s 18th is coming up soon and she loves Paris and anything to do with it so I had a play today and made some Eiffel Tower cupcake toppers but I used dark chocolate and then piped with white chocolate – for a first attempt they aren’t too bad. I’m investing in a decent piping bag and metal tips tomorrow as that will make it much easier than a cliplock bag with tip cut off…! Thanks for the tutorial it really made me think and helped me play round and come up with something suitable. Cheers Millie :O)

  3. says

    You’re welcome, Millie! Happy to be of help :) Good luck on the preparations for your daughter’s birthday! Do share some pictures of your cupcakes, I’d love to see them :)

  4. Aileen Angela says

    Oh my Gooood!!! can’t wait to try making these!!!!!thank you, thank youuu!!! can’t take you enough.. =D

  5. says

    Hello, I loved your cupcakes, i will probably use your method to decorate my anniversary cake!!! Thanks a lot for sharing, sometimes it’s easy but u got to think about it!!!!

  6. Anonymous says

    I really like “this” particular Eiffel Tower pictured above. Would you mind sharing where you found it and, what you made your template out of?

  7. kristina says

    Hello – this is great! But i was just wondering how you attach the popsicle sticks to the eiffel towers?

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