Volkswagen Beetle Cupcakes: A Father’s Day Post

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads, Pops, Granpas and most of all to my Pops, the most wonderful Pops in the whole world. This post is for you.

You see, Pop’s first car is the Volkswagen Beetle and what better way to celebrate Father’s Day than to make him Volkswagen Beetle Cupcakes.

It started with a sketch of mini Beetles. Then I placed tracing paper over it and piped red royal icing over it.

I let the Beetles completely dry first. 

Once the Beetles have dried, I used fondant and the remaining red royal icing to do the details.

These are chocolate mini cupcakes.

Piped with a swirl of delicious yellow buttercream.

To finish it off, I then placed the Volkswagen Beetles on top of the mini cupcakes.

Wondering why I announced the car’s plate number to the whole world? Don’t worry, HFD 619 is actually Happy Father’s Day 6/19. So, I am cool or what? Yeah!

Happy father’s day, Pops! Thank you for everything. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for you and Ma. Love yah! Enjoy these cuppies and please save me some okay?

Happy Cupcaking, 

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