Fall Inspired: Fondant Pumpkin Tutorial (Part 1)

02-Pumpkin Tutorial

  I call this... The Pumpkin Patch Cake. And in this two-part tutorial, I'm going to show you how to make a fall inspired Pumpkin Patch Cake. For the first part, we're starting with something easy, how to make the fondant pumpkins that will be lying around the pumpkin patch. Fall Inspired: Fondant Pumpkin Tutorial What we need: Fondant in orange and brown (I used a combination of Satin Ice and Marshmallow Fondant) Knife or Offset Spatula or Toothpick Ball tool Water and brush to glue things together Here's how: (1) Roll orange fondant into a ball. The size really depends on how big or small the pumpkin you want to make will be. (2) Press the top of the pumpkin using a ball tool. It should now look like this. (3) Using an offset spatula, a knife or a … [Read more...]

Rice Cooker Baked Moist Chocolate Cake

01 - Rice Cooker Chocolate Cake

  Would you believe me if I tell you I made this cake using a rice cooker? Super moist, chocolate-y and everything I love about chocolate is in this cake and the best part? I didn't even turn on the oven to make it. Yup, can your day get any better? Yes, it abso-bloomin-lutely can. I made this cake using the Tefal MicroComputer Rice Cooker which in my opinion should have an alias. Tefal MicroComputer Rice Cooker a.k.a. Tefal MicroComputer Cake Baker because it bakes a cake like an oven. If you don't have an oven but is seriously thinking about taking up baking as a hobby, you might want to explore baking cakes using this rice cooker. And, if you're not baking cakes, you can use it to make porridge, congee and of course, rice. Talk about a win-win situation. Before, I … [Read more...]

Red Velvet Crinkles Recipe

01 - Red Velvet Crinkles

Last week, my friend Kristel challenged me to share my top 15 movies in 15 minutes at Facebook. Apparently, this has been going around for quite sometime and I found it pretty interesting to see what makes up my friends' top 15.  When I posted mine, I suddenly realized that I have quite a broad range in terms of timeline but not genre. I wasn't able to explain why these movies made it to my top 15 but I'm posting it here plus my reasons why they're my favorite. Humor me, pretty please. Aikko a.k.a. Bake Happy Blogger's Top 15 Movies in 15 Minutes - in no particular order. I always wanted to say "Aikko a.k.a. Bake Happy Baker's, but it kinda sounds redundant right? Anyway, I digress. Here you go. 1. How to Train your Dragon - because it's an unlikely story of friendship. I love the … [Read more...]

No Oven Required Vanilla Mini Cupcakes

03-No Oven Required Vanilla Cupcakes

Hey Bake Happy friends! How are things going? I have a few questions for you - Are you thinking about taking on baking as a hobby? Sort of testing the waters first before buying an oven? Who knows, trying out if this is really for you can lead to great things. or Are you a passionate baker like me but sometimes can't take the heat of the oven but still want to make pretty cupcakes loaded with pretty sprinkles? Sprinkles are not optional. They are required. Just so we're on the same page. What if I tell you, you don't really need to buy an oven to make these Vanilla Mini Cupcakes. Seriously, it's so quick, so easy, all this you can do in less than two hours because, two hours is all it takes for me to start the prep, bake, frost, and shoot these cupcakes … [Read more...]

Yema Cake Recipe

01 - Yema Cake Recipe

  Hey everyone! Aikko here! Today is such an exciting day because I'm sharing with you a Yema Cake Recipe. Remember when, over at Facebook, I asked if you want me to feature any recipes or tutorials? The most requested is the recipe for a Yema Cake. Which got me asking, what exactly is a Yema Cake? I honestly haven't even tasted one (unfortunately) so I asked my friend Rich what kind of a cake it is. He said it's actually a chiffon with a yema or milk custard filling/frosting.   Which got me excited so I started working on it. Although Rich said a Yema Cake is traditionally a chiffon cake, the rebel in me decided to go another route. The base of this cake is a not to sweet cotton soft Japanese Cheesecake. When I say cotton soft, think clouds. As in clouds on a sunny day - hmmm … [Read more...]