Yema Cake Recipe

01 - Yema Cake Recipe

  Hey everyone! Aikko here! Today is such an exciting day because I'm sharing with you a Yema Cake Recipe. Remember when, over at Facebook, I asked if you want me to feature any recipes or tutorials? The most requested is the recipe for a Yema Cake. Which got me asking, what exactly is a Yema Cake? I honestly haven't even tasted one (unfortunately) so I asked my friend Rich what kind of a cake it is. He said it's actually a chiffon with a yema or milk custard filling/frosting.   Which got me excited so I started working on it. Although Rich said a Yema Cake is traditionally a chiffon cake, the rebel in me decided to go another route. The base of this cake is a not to sweet cotton soft Japanese Cheesecake. When I say cotton soft, think clouds. As in clouds on a sunny day - hmmm … [Read more...]

Sans Rival Cupcake Recipe

01-Sans Rival Cupcakes

Sans Rival Cupcake Recipe Aikko (aka Bake Happy Blogger): Shaider's Fushigishi Song, marathon of Kathniel's Got to Believe, doing calligraphy drills, Florine Asch's watercolor sketches. You: Huh, what is Aikko talking about now? Let's get on to the Sans Rival Cupcake Recipe! Aikko: Guilty pleasures. How about you, what are yours? You: We have all the time in the world for that. Let's get on to the Sans Rival Cupcake Recipe! Aikko: Oh wait! I have more!!! Reading Cecile van Straten's Chuvaness blog, Chyng's well... ChyngReyes blog and Sans Rival Cupcakes You: Woo hoo!! Now we're talking! Let's get on to the Sans Rival Cupcake Recipe! Aikko: And how can I forget, Angie Dudley's Bakerella blog. I almost forgot to include something baking related! You: No no no no... no. Go … [Read more...]

Pandan Cupcakes Recipe

02-Pandan Cupcakes

Pandan Cupcakes with Pandan Cream Cheese Frosting   It has come to my attention that some of you, my dear Bake Happy friends, are having a hard time pronouncing my name. So I thought I’ll help you out and spend some time explaining it to you. It will be quick, pinky swear.   Aikko is a name that is of Japanese origin. It means, child of love. Although my name is Japanese, I am 100% Pinoy :). I know three girls who I share my name with - There's Aiko Melendez, a local celebrity here in the Philippines. Then there's Hiromi Aiko Eve, Iwa Moto and Pampi Lacson’s daughter. And of course, there’s Princess Aiko, the little girl who is the daughter of the heir apparent to the Japanese throne. I know the spelling is different, mine comes with a double “k” but the … [Read more...]

Princess Themed Fondant Tutorial – Princess Tiara


Princess Themed Fondant Tutorials: Princess Carriage Princess Hat Princess Wand Princess Tiara Princess Fondant Figure - coming soon Yeah, I know this is so overdue. I have already showed you how to make the carriage, the hat and the wand. And to almost finish this theme, we're making the Princess Tiara today. Next up, the Princess Figure Fondant Tutorial, pinky swear. Princess Themed Fondant Tutorial - Princess Tiara What we need: Fondant in white Fondant round cutter (small one only if tiara is for cupcakes) Fondant extruder (optional) Wax paper cut in a long rectangular shape Pencil Brush and water (to glue things together) Silver dust (optional) Tape Here’s how: (1) Fold wax paper in half, starting on the folded side, draw a half of a tiara. You can use the … [Read more...]

Easy To Make Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Easy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies   Oh, hello! So how are things going?  Today I'm showing you something different. A lot of you have been asking me for healthy dessert recipes so we're doing that just now. How about a vegan version of Chocolate Chip Cookies? Sounds good? Yes, sounds great! This Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies - oh wow - totally plant based, no egg, no butter, no milk. I even used natural sugar substitutes but as you can see all it takes is one tiny a bite and I know you will be hooked. Just like what happened to me. One bite changes things forever. I know I sound like a vampire themed book author - but really, I'm talking about Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies, okay? Just so we're on the same page - yes - Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies is what's happening … [Read more...]