White Chocolate Macadamia Brownies

White Chocolate Macadamia Brownies

  "If you don't write or paint or stitch the images you carry inside you, they will remain inside you."  I follow Valerie Chua on Instagram and I saw this quote on her feed today. I tried to find the person who authored this quote but I can't find him or her. Would you know? Anyway, this is exactly how I feel sometimes will all the things I would love to be bake someday. Just like these White Chocolate Macadamia Brownies. They have been on my mind for a few weeks now (along with other "to-bake" on my list but can't seem to find my momentum to make it. Do you feel that too, sometimes? I hope I am not the only one. There are some cakes or cupcakes or bars that take time to do because I find them intimidating. Yes, I find baking brownies or bars my waterloo. I find them hard to … [Read more...]

Easy to Make Perfectly Moist Chocolate Cupcakes

The ultimate chocolate cupcake recipe that is super moist, easy to make and definitely all chocolate lover's dream.

What we have here is something special. If you are looking for the best chocolate cupcake recipe, the ultimate chocolate cupcake recipe or a simple and easy chocolate cupcake recipe then look no further, this recipe is definitely a keeper. It's a actually a variation of the Perfectly Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe from a few years back with a few refinements - I added coffee powder in the recipe to bring out the chocolate flavor even more. Yoghurt was also another addition to up the moistness of the cupcakes. Of course, the secret ingredient mayonnaise can not be left behind. I know you probably have a lot of questions on this recipe so I think this Frequently Asked Questions about the recipe will be very helpful. You're welcome. And oh my, these cupcakes definitely did not … [Read more...]

Oreo Cupcakes

03 - Oreo Cupcakes

  A word from me to you - it never hurts to count the things you are thankful for. Even if they are just the simplest of things.  So let's start Monday with the simple things we all are thankful for. Here's my list -  (1) Macky (my MacBook) automatically corrects my name to Aikko from Aukko, Aiko  or even Aiiko if I sometimes too quickly type in my name. (2) Alexa cannot eat her treats without a placemat. Seriously, the little one has better manners than me. (3) Time set aside to nurture my love for drawing and watercolor. Last Saturday, I attended The Inky Doodles Workshop by Tippy of Googley Gooeys and I loved every minute of it! I wish Tippy would hold more workshops similar to this. I would love to attend again. Here's my final project from the workshop. (4) Oreo … [Read more...]

Choc Nut Cookies

chocnut cookies

  Easy to make, extra chewy Cinnamon Choc Nut Cookies - that's supposed to be the title but since Choc Nut is the star of this cookie recipe so I guess it deserves the title billing. Totally. I mean who doesn't love Choc Nut? I haven't met anyone who thinks otherwise. Because chocolate and peanut is one of the best dessert marriages in the dessert world. Oh wait.... I already said that didn't I? Well, no one says I can't say it again especially if it's true. Choc Nut is definitely on of my favorites. You know what's even yummier than Choc Nut? Choc Nut cookies, of course. Want to make some? Okay, so before we start, make sure to chop those lovely Choc Nut bars. For chunkier Choc Nut Cookies, chop them big. Like I did. You know what? When it comes to you, my dear … [Read more...]

Food for the Gods Recipe

01 - Food For the Gods

  The thing is, I just can't let September go without posting something Christmas-related. After all, here in the Philippines, Christmas starts way too early, as early as the first day of September. But then this happened, then again this one happened, and I can not help it, this too happened. Good thing it's still September, yes-I-know-it's-still-too-easily-for-Christmas, but Christmas just brings giddy, happy, fuzzy feelings that I vote Christmas should be celebrated everyday. Okay, so maybe not everyday, but maybe at least Christmas songs get to be played at radio stations as early as February? Would it be too much to ask? Hope not :) Anyway, let's talk about these Food for the Gods and how ridiculously good they are. Let's just say of all the things the came out … [Read more...]